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Wood Springerle

But what then, is a Springerle?


Springerles begin as small clay slates that are carefully chiseled out by engravers.  These artisans carefully replicated anything in life that they saw around themselves, giving life to the molds, and in the process, creating works of art.  These first true molds were made of fired clay, though these may have been preceded by wooden molds.  The clay molds came in a variety of color shades based on the origin of the clay used in their production.  Both varieties serve as cookie molds, and the dough is firmly pressed in to reproduce the patterns inside.

We carry both positive or negative molds springerles.  Our wooden springerles are mostly the negative type, because they are primarily used to make pastries (therefore having a positive décor).


Springerle Positive, or Springerle Negative?


The negative springerles are hollow molds, used to make cookies, marzipans, speculoos shortbread, etc.

The positive springerles are decorative molds, leaving a hollow imprint (in the biscuit).

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